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About Us

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Bella Dance Academy is dedicated to providing a unique, quality dance program designed to meet the needs of a wide range of students of varying ages and levels. 

Our goal is based on the commitment to provide the highest caliber of dance instruction in a warm environment that fosters self-esteem, discipline, teamwork and positive influence.

At Bella Dance Academy, we know that our classes offer so much more than dance education, and we want to share this gift with as many children and families as possible.  


Our Scholarship Program was designed to do exactly that.  Our intention is to include those who are less fortunate within our community and involve everyone in dance, and the performing arts!

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Please complete the form below to apply for our scholarship program. Scholarships are available to current students who have had a change in situation which would prevent the family from continuing dance training.

All applications are strictly confidential and will never be discussed with anyone besides the Applicant and Studio Owner. Your child, other students or families nor studio staff will ever be aware of your application or status.

Who Qualifies for Funding? 

If you are looking to provide your child with the opportunity to participate in our dance or performance programs, but are facing financial difficulties - you are a great candidate for our Scholarship Program.

What Scholarships are Available? 

We have many scholarship opportunities available - 9 Week Sessions, Full Season Programs as well as Nutcracker Performance scholarships.

How Do I Apply? 

We want to know why you want to be a part of Bella Dance Academy!

Do you love to dance? Do you dance down the aisles in the grocery store? Do you constantly sing along to the radio? Do you love music & movement? Is it your dream to shine on stage?


Please fill out our online application form and tell us a little about yourself and what makes you so passionate about performing and the arts!

Looking for other ways to supplement your tuition fees?  


In addition to our Scholarship Program, you may also qualify for other community programs:


Jumpstart Charity:                                                                         

Click HERE to see if you are eligible for funding and apply now!     


KidsSport Canada: 

Click HERE to learn more about our local Chapter and how to apply!

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