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All classes have required dancewear.

A Dresscode is important for many reasons, but primarily it is for safety. A dancer needs to be wearing the appropriate shoes for the style they are learning, as they'll help to provide support to the arches, ankles, and knees. Leotards and tights (or shorts/leggings, depending on the style) ensure that our instructors can provide corrections for alignment. Our instructors may not be able to notice that a dancer wearing a baggy shirt isn't engaging their core properly, which could prevent them from developing the muscles needed for safe technique.


If you have any questions about our Dresscode, please be sure to ask, and note that there are two options available for all students. Dancers of any gender may wear whichever option they choose. 

Please click here for our Dress Code Cheat Sheet! 

Dancewear Days will be September 5th - 8th. Our studio will be fully stocked with all items dancers that require for their classes. Stop by our studio to meet some members of our team, ask any questions about the upcoming season, and pick up some Bella wear at a special sale price!

Starting September 1st, our office and boutique hours are:

Monday - Friday 4:00 - 8:00

Saturday 9:00 - 2:00

We are also thrilled to have online options available! Please click here to be re-directed to a great partner based out of Edmonton.

This online option gives you a way to shop for dancewear right from home! Orders will ship directly to your house!

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