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Bella Dance Academy is located in Yellowknife, NT and has been providing Yellowknife with high quality dance instruction since 2004.


Bella Dance Academy offers Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern, Mini Movement, Musical Theatre, Hip Hop, Broadway Babies, Pre-Pointe, Pointe, Contemporary, Tutu's & Tiaras, Hippy Hop, Parent and Tots and Adult classes to all ages and a variety of skill levels.

Bella Dance Academy is dedicated to providing a unique, quality dance program designed to meet the needs of a wide range of students of varying ages and levels.

Our goal is based on the commitment to provide the highest caliber of dance instruction in a warm environment that fosters self-esteem, discipline, teamwork and positive influence.


With high-energy, enthusiastic instructors and a warm environment, BDA has captured the interest of Yellowknife dancers. Whether the dancers are interested in dance as a form of recreation, self-expression or with dreams of pursuing a career in dance, they can find their way at Bella Dance Academy.


Our studio was established in the summer of 2004.

Bella Dance Academy is located at #103 - 349 Old Airport Road. Our studio home exceptional facilities especially designed for dance. Our studio consists of: a reception area, a large waiting room for parents and a waiting/change room for dancers, two washrooms, three dance areas (with sprung floors, full length mirrors and dance barres) and a retail boutique .  The Academy is bright, clean and comfortable.  We offer over 50 classes per week, with over 15 instructors who are all experienced in the style of dance (or music) that they teach.

student code of conduct


  • I am here by choice.  I will be on time for class, alert, attentive, ready and willing to learn

  • I will come to class prepared to dance and with the appropriate uniform, equipment, shoes, tights, etc

  • I will wear my hair up and away from my face and neck, in a neat dance style in order to allow my instructors to see my head, neckline and body shape

  • If I am late, I will enter the studio quietly, the instructor will decide if and when I may join the class

  • When working in class, I will move quickly to my place, take my turn in lines and be considerate of the other dancers

  • I will respect my classmates and my instructor at all times

  • I will listen in class, and raise my hand if I have a question

  • I will not chew gum in class.  If it is necessary to snack between classes, I will clean up afterwards and respect the facility

  • I will only bring a water bottle into the dance area

  • I will keep my hands off of the mirrors and I will not hang from the barres (as this many injure the student)

  • I will not wear baggy shorts or sweaters in class, only on cold days or for warm-up are sweaters and leg warmers permitted

  • For my own safety and others’ safety, I will not wear watches and/or any other jewelry in class

  • If chosen to perform in a special group, I will wear the costume and/or uniform required and represent Bella Dance Academy with honor at all times

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#103 - 349 Old Airport Road

Yellowknife, NT


867-87-dance (3-2623)

office hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

4:00 - 8:00 pm


9:00 am - 2:00 pm

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