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Annual Classes (September - June)


30 minute class - $58 / month

45 minute class - $72 / month 

60 minute class - $78 / month 

Tuition fees are based on the entire season (including all holidays and studio breaks), not the number of classes per month. A full season of dance includes 30 weeks. Tuition fees are paid in monthly instalments or annually. Last monthly instalment (June) is non-refundable and payable at time of registration. Tuition must be paid by automatic credit card payment or electronic funds transfer (EFT) and will be charged to your credit card/bank account on the 1st day of each month (September - May). Full year payments can be made by Cash, Cheque or Credit Card. A 5% discount will be given for all full year payments made by Cash or Cheque by August 1st. Fees are subject to change. Tuition is subject to GST. 



Discounts on tuition will apply to students enrolled in more than 2 weekly hours of annual classes. Discounts apply as follows: 

X hours of class = X% discount 

(For example: 5 hours of class = 5% discount on all annual class tuition). Discounts are not offered for summer camps or classes, special events, examination fees, competition choreography, entry fees, costumes or membership fees.

Service Family Discount

Bella Dance Academy is grateful for those individuals who provide service to our community through their role as a first responder, active military, or veteran. As a way of saying thank YOU, we extend a 10% tuition discount to:

  • All active first responders (police, fire fighters, EMS), whether paid or volunteer

  • All active duty military personnel

  • All honorably discharged military veterans

The discount applies to the immediate family members of the above individuals living within the same household. Discount applies to tuition costs of 1st hour of dance only. No cash value to this discount and not transferable or available with any other discount or special offer. To receive your discount, please contact us using the Contact Form at the bottom of this page. 

Membership Fee

A non-refundable fee of $50 per student (or $60 per family) is required annually at time of registration (not applicable for workshop classes, 9 Week programs or summer camps).

Membership Fees increase by $10 per student for any student enrolling after the season has begun. 

Membership Fee and last month tuition (June) is non-refundable and due at the time of registration.

9 Week Classes

30 minute class - $134 

45-60 minute class - $154 

Workshop Classes (Including 9 Week Sessions and Summer Camps): Workshop fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and due at the time of registration. Workshop classes, 9 Week Programs and Camps are not subject to membership fee. Workshop classes are subject to GST. 


Additional Fees


Aside from the Membership Fee and Tuition, please consider these costs:​


Costumes/Performer's Fees


All Classes participating in the year end show must purchase a costume for year-end performance and will be sized by BDA staff. A 3.5% processing fee will be added to all credit card or EFT payments. To avoid this fee, please pay by cash or cheque before November 14th (for Costume Fees) or February 14th (for Performer’s Fees). 

Costume & Performer’s Fees are as follows:

Costume Fee: $100 + GST (per class), Includes: one complete costume.

Performer’s Fee: $65 + GST (per student), Includes: garment bag, alterations, tights (if needed), performance t-shirt, & link to filming of Junior or Senior Year End Performance.

Costume & Performer’s Fees are non-refundable and go towards fees associated with our performance (renting our theatre, sound, lighting crew & backstage crew, set and stage design, costumes, tights, alterations, accessories, performance t-shirts, videographer fees, NACC ticketing fees, and much more). If you withdraw from a class after November 30, 2023, your costume and performer’s fee will be forfeited.   All dancers with 3+ classes, or families with 3+ dancers will have the option to switch to a payment plan.


Photos will be taken during a weekend photo shot leading up to our year end performance.  You can purchase individual or group photos of your dancer.  These photos are optional to buy, but we ask you attend photo day to be included in the Group Photograph.

Dress Code

All dancers have a dress code that they must adhere to.  All items are available at the Bella Boutique (with the exception of pointe shoes), or through our online Boutique.  Please ensure that you purchase the correct items (especially tights, as these are often required as part of the costume for the year end performance). 

Exam Classes

We are very pleased to be working towards offering Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) Ballet Exams and Canadian Dance Teachers’ Association Exams in Jazz, Tap, Modern and Acro during our 2024/2025 season.  Eligible classes and/or students will be selected early in the season, and will work towards fulfilling their examination requirements throughout the season. Participation is not mandatory, but is encouraged.  Extra fees apply and special attire is required. If your dancer has been selected to participate in an examination or class award session, you will receive notice no later than October 15th.


We have many different scholarship opportunities available. Please visit our Scholarship Page for more information!

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