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Our team at BDA demonstrates a level of flexibility, adaptation, and innovation like never before. After successfully transitioning to a temporary online platform in March 2020, we discovered the potential to build community across the Northwest Territories. Through BDA Online, we can connect dancers from all corners of the territory. 

This innovative way of providing class will deliver the lesson experience of being in the dance studio, but from the comfort of your own home, community recreational center, or school gym. Not only will students be able to work on technique, strength, and flexibility through the online platform, they will have the opportunity to collaborate with dancers from other communities. 

Pre-Recorded Classes

Our Pre-Recorded Classes are the perfect way for a teacher to bring dance into their classroom! You can download a whole series of classes to work through with your students. These classes are also a great fit for dancers or families who may need a bit more flexibility in their schedule. 

If you are interested in our BDA Online programs, be sure to complete this form to stay updated on our classes.

Private Lessons (via Zoom)

Work with a specialist to improve your form, master leaps and turns, work on flexibility, prepare choreography or work on material for an audition. Private lessons are available at various times during the week and weekend afternoons during our 2023/2024 season.



30 - 45 minute online: $39 +GST

60 minute online: $49 +GST


Please complete this form and we will be in touch to schedule your Private Lessons!


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