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Bella Beats was founded in 2011 by Lina Lewis, Artistic Director of Bella Dance Academy in Yellowknife, NT. In 2014, Bella Beats expanded to a Junior and Senior team to allow younger dancers to participate and work towards the senior performance team.
Bella Beats is a high performance dance troupe consisting of 26 dancers aged 8 to 16 years. Bella Beats has performed in numerous community events over the years including, but not limited to:

  • SMILES Fundraising Performance (2012-2017)

  • Creation, Right On Time - Extra! Extra! @ NACC (June 2012)

  • Yellowknife Canada Day Parade (2011-2017)

  • A Collection of Pieces - Folk on The Rocks (July 2012)

  • Broadway Bound - NACC (March 2013)

  • SnowKing Castle and Long John Jamboree - Great Slave Lake (March 2012 - 2018)

  • Alice in Wonderland – NACC (June 2013)

  • City of Yellowknife Garden Party  (June 2013)

  • Co-Creation dance project with Zogma Dance from Quebec  - NACC (December 2013)

  • An Evening of Dance – NACC (March 2014-2017)

  • Arctic Winter Games Cultural Delegates - Alaska (March 2014)

  • Welcome to the Jungle - NACC (June 2015)

  • NACC 30th Anniversary - NACC (December 2015)

  • SPCA Gala (2015 - 2017)

  • Toy Story Year End Show - NACC (June 2016)

  • Cinderella - A Pantomime (2016)

  • NUVO - Calgary (2017)

  • Warm the Rocks & Folk on the Rocks (2017)

  • The Muppets & The Mini Muppets (2017)

  • DancerPalooza (2017)

  • Music at the Market (2016 & 2017)

  • City of Yellowknife Family Fun Night (2017)

  • Snow White - A Pantomime (2017)

  • Bella Beats Evening of Dance (2011 - 2018)

While Bella Beats is honored to have worked with many great Northern artists and choreographers such as: Lina Lewis, Phoenix Smith, Andrea Leask, Hailey McLeod, Kierney Leach and Karen Wasicuna, they are also very proud of their work in other provinces and into the United States.
In February 2012, Bella Beats traveled to Calgary, Alberta and had the fantastic opportunity to attend the iDance Convention where they worked with many professional choreographers such as: Brandon Bryant, Matt Marr, Melissa Mitro and Ellenore Scott.
In July 2013 and 2015, Bella Beats traveled to New York, New York to participate in Dance the Magic on Broadway. Not only did the Bella Beats have the opportunity to dance with many dancers from across North America, participate in workshops facilitated by choreographers based out of Los Angeles and New York, they had the amazing privilege of performing two showcase dance pieces as well as a production number (with 160 other dancers!) on a Broadway stage at the Minskoff Theatre in Times Square.

In October 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016, members of the dance team traveled to Vancouver, British Columbia to participate in JUMP Convention where Bella Beats worked with professional choreographers such as: Mia Michaels, Teddy Forance, Katy Spreadbury, Nick Larrazini, Misha Gabriel, Mike Minery and many more. In 2016 and 2017, they also travelled to Calgary Alberta for the NUVO Dance Convention.


In the summer of 2017, members of the dance team traveled to Long Beach California to participate in DancerPalooza, one of the biggest dance conventions in  North America. At DancerPalooza, the team chose different intensives to participate in for a week of classes. They got to work with professional choreographers, take technique classes, and learn pieces to perform. Some participated in music video shoots, others performed on the stage at Beat Street, and some danced at the Long Beach Performing Arts Center. They represented Bella Dance and Yellowknife with pride, and brought new choreography, strategies, and exercises back to the studio for the fall!

In their 2017/2018 season, the Bella Beats found many more local groups to work with. They performed with the Parcel of Rogues theatre company to present Snow White - A Pantomime, and they hosted their very own Family Fun Night with the City of Yellowknife. In the spring, members of the Bella Beats traveled to Duncan, British Columbia to compete in the Just Dance Challenge.


In 2019, the Competition Team traveled to 3 competitions in Alberta and British Columbia, competing against dancers from across Canada. The learned from these dancers, and worked with them, even creating a music video! The Bella Beats Performance team will be travelling to Disneyland this summer to participate in Dance the Magic 2019, where they will perform on a Disney stage and dance down Main Street USA with hundreds of dancers from across the world! 


The 2020/2021 season will have three teams:
Mini Team 
  • ages 5-7

  • 45 minute rehearsal per week 

  • will focus on building repertoire & improving technique

  • 1 additional technique class required (Ballet or Jazz)

  • Community Performances (5-8 in season)

  • Winter Showcase Performance @ NACC

  • costume fees apply

  • no audition - application still required

Performance Team 
  • ages 8-18

  • will be split into 2-3 tiers

  • 1-2 hours rehearsal per week 

  • will focus on building repertoire & improving technique

  • 2 additional technique classes required (Ballet & Modern or Jazz)

  • Community Performances (5-8 in season)

  • Winter Showcase Performance @ NACC

  • costume fees apply


Would you like to be a member of our Bella Beats? Auditions are Free, Fun & Friendly!

Step 1: Access Bella Beats Application Package 


Step 2: Record yourself performing your audition piece (of your own choreography!)


Step 3: Submit completed application package by June 21st


Step 4: Tune in to the Zoom audition 

Dancers applying for the Performance / Competition Teams will attend the Virtual Auditions on Wednesday June 24th. Dancers applying for the Mini Team do not need to attend the auditions, however a full application package is required to be considered for the team. 

Wednesday June 24th 

Ages 8-11 ~~ 5:00 - 6:00pm

Ages 12-18 ~~ 6:00 - 7:30pm

application package
Competitive Team
  • must be performance team member

  • 1 hour per week 

  • will attend up to three competitions

  • will compete minimum 2 group pieces

  • option to enter solo(s), duets, and small groups into competition (additional fees apply)

  • travel costs – airfare, ground travel, accommodations, chaperone fee, entry fees, costumes, workshops, etcetera

  • Winter Showcase Performance @ NACC

  • no year end show performance piece

company handbook
Showcase Team

Every 2 years we plan a dance tour with our Showcase Troupe. We have travelled to Disneyland and New York to perform and take master classes. 

Our next tour will be announced in the fall of 2020, which will take place in Spring/Summer of 2022. 

We offer many fundraising opportunities to help supplement the cost of travel. 

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